viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

We're done

I remember that my school teacher always said us that English is easier to learn than other languages. I agree, even when I’ve only tried to learn English, French and Italian…
Here in university is a bit awkward having to learn English, but is absolutely necessary. This classes are a good way to learn a language in a relaxed way in comparison of other ways or subjects. Also is as good space to meet new people, that’s always pleasing.
Now, we're finishing this course, and knowing this is our last blog, I want to say thanks to everyone. It was a gratifying experience.
Getting back to the theme: just like I said last semester, I would prefer to write about more contingent themes, or maybe writing more free topics, I don’t know. I like writing because is a good method to learn the grammar and express opinions.
I think that my biggest weakness in English is exactly the grammar, and also the listening. I can easily read English texts, but it’s hard to me to produce them. Also, I can pronounce it (at least a bit), but it’s hard to listen when people talks quickly or with a noticeable accent.
My brother and I are going to make some kind of experiment, and we’re going to speak in English to each other during the summer. He need to improve the pronunciation.
I usually listen music in English (even though my favourite music is the Spanish music), so I’ll improve my listening skill by that way.
That's all I guess… nice to read you all!

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015


This year in particular has represented an unstoppable change in almost every way. Joining the university represented a change in my world perspective. Meeting new people, learning new things, and the most important, getting rid of the oppression of being “the model student” (as I was in the school), was an important change in my life.
Facing life in my own way, without considering of what other people expected of me, is the bigger achievement of this year. Anyway, it started a couple years ago, when I became Taoist, and started to build my own moral code.
The year didn’t began in the best way… cutting relationships with friends was hard. For example, one of my best friends join the PDI, and a couple months later, I talked to him on WhatsApp… he didn’t remind me. Many other things like these have happened this the year.
Fortunately, this year I met a lot of nice people, whom I can consider like “new friends”. I’m not a sociable person, but it was easy to meet them.
Progressing in the career hasn’t been easy, but not so hard anyway. I don’t regret enrolling to study here; actually, I really like this career.
I promised to myself to progress in my poetry book, but I haven’t written so much, so I think it’s going to be ready next year… maybe.

In comparison, this year has been more active than last year, but it was a year of prizes. I think it is a good way to describe it...

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

My summer plans

I’m not sure what I’m going to do in summer, because my family hasn't planned anything. I think it is really probable to stay in Santiago.

If that happens, I’m going to work doing particular classes. I’ve met many people that is going to take the PSU or that have problems in school, so they’ve asked me to teach them. I’m not a good teacher, but I’m going to try to do my best. The themes that I better know (and that I feel able to teach) are History and Language (and maybe English… everything is possible).

Other option is to work in a supermarket as a packer. There’s a Lider near my house, so I can go walking there in 10 minutes and stay working full day. I tried to work a couple years ago, but they told me that they just hire university students.

Other option, is to work in my high school as a librarian. I’m a good friend of the rector of my school, and he offered me to take care of the library when I got out of fourth grade. I'm not sure if the proposal still, but I think they would keep their word.

In case my family goes somewhere, we would rent  a house for one or two weeks. We’re eight, and many of us have a job, so we could easily pay… the problem is making the time fixed.

Anyway, it’s hard to leave Santiago, as I said, so I think that the most probable is  make classes.

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

I've not idea about what I'm doing in here

That’s right… I don´t know what write about, so I think I’m going to digress.

It has been a weird week… my uncle opened a fast food restaurant in my house, but it’s small and expensive. Anyway he refused to give us any discount.

My brother participated in a debate tournament as a captain (didn’t speak, but he organized the team). He has participated in the INACAP Debate Tournament for 5 or 6 year  as a counter-argumentative and won a couple of years ago… this time, however, he didn’t get the winner podium.

A couple of weeks ago, my mother was diagnosed with arthrosis, so she is working at home.

On Wednesday, my cat clawed my arm, I think she doesn’t like me so much… on the contrary, my little dog started to sleep in my bed when I’m out of home, making a mess.

Well… university works are getting longer and longer, and time is getting short to solve many of them… as the statistics homework o philosophy report.

A good friend has invited me to eat twice this week, and she spent a big amount buying food for me and Victor, but I´m going to pay her… I don’t regret of nothing.

Oh! And the civil registration is on strike (captain obvious), and Nelly Diaz made this photo…

Why post it? I don’t know… but it’s funny.

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

How green I am

In general, I’m not a green person, but I’m aware of the world situation. My brother and I eventually made some green projects, just like vertical gardens with plastic bottles or some solar devices, like panels or phone chargers. He is most green than me, and he watch some videos on youtube where we learnt to do those things.
I don’t usually recycle too much, but I try to avoid some habits, like throwing junk in public spaces, or some in closed spaces. However, I’ve never participated in any organization.
I prefer to walk or run more than using a bike, because I can’t pedal too much time (when I was younger, I sprained my left leg riding in a skate).
The only way that I have learnt of environment, is in many internet webpages I used to follow. I would like to do more things, just like recycling or taking care of a vegetables gardens. It´s hard to me stop doing some things, but I try to be a little more sustainment.

I think Santiago is not good designed city, so the complex drawing makes a lot of traffic congestion, the dumping sites of the city are awful places, and there are too few recycling points, finally, I believe that the major problem is the unwillingness of the people to make some changes in their life style.

viernes, 23 de octubre de 2015

Eating air

Before I made the PSU, many people told me to join laws, pedagogy or something like that… “Something with future” they said. Anyway I came to sociology because of an accident… this was the only career that I didn't know well, so I enrolled.
With the passage of time, I ended up enjoying sociology, and I would really like to work on this. I’ve found that investigations are something I like to do, and I imagine myself investigating things related to cultural and educational problems. However, interviewing people or making surveys aren’t really exciting activities, but nothing is perfect, right?
I like to travel (I’ve said it many times) and if I could travel in this job, I would do it with plenty of joy. I’ve heard of many sociologists that make his life out of the country.

The payment is not wonderful, in general it’s pretty low, but the chance of learning the things I like, the opportunity of understanding the society movement, worth it (even if I end living under a bridge). I remember that in Latin-American history, there was an expression to describe people with studies, but without job: “cesantes ilustrados”… well I’m going to be one of them, and I feel proud.

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015


To me, a pet is really like another member in the family, and I treat them just like a little sibling or a cousin.
My mother have vet complex and she used to save animals from the street, so in many ages of my life I remember a lot of pets: at least 15 dogs and 5 cats (not at the same time obviously), but also a lot of lost animals that my mother picked up, and little animals such as turtles, canaries, hamsters, rabbits, and even a parrot.
Nowadays, I own a black cat with white feets named "Kitty", my mom own a black cocker named "Pituti" and my sister own a little poodle toy named "Lucy" (I hate that little infernal monster).
I'm more a cats person. I also like dogs, but they are really dependent and delicates,  so I prefer a cat as a pet.
I've always had cats, but the most important was my last cat named "Chola". She was my pet since 2005, and died in may of 2014, just three or four days after my birthday, because cat's AIDS that make her hypersensitive, so when me and my mother were carrying her to the vet, she stress out and had a heart attack.
Rest in peace in the cat's heaven, my dear Chola (unfortunally, i don't have pic of her, so i posted one of Kitty)